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From freekeh to infrared yoga, here are’s hottest health and fitness trends everyone will be trying this Fall/Winter.

According to the hipster blog,, these new fitness trends/services are what we should be doing in order to be the most healthy and in-shapest this fourth quarter. So we scoured the Web for videos that demonstrate or explain some of these fads. Are you ready? Then here we go…

1. F45

Supposedly, the fastest growing fitness facility in the world, their technique piggybacks the other latest fad, high-intensity interval training, but without the intervals. With F45, you just might get in better shape (if you don’t have a heart attack first). Here’s a video that explains it all…

2. Meditation Apps

People are increasingly using their smartphones to achieve “mindfulness” through meditation. Here’s a quick, new video review of some of the more popular apps by reviewer and blogger, Zane Claes. Ohhhmmmm…

3. InfraRed Yoga

While many yoga classes use the “hot” method – heating their studios using conventional steam pipes and such – InfraRed Yoga studios are heated with – well – infrared heaters, creating a “dry heat” effect that is both energizing and detoxifying. Here’s a video about one yoga studio that uses this hot new method…

4. Live Music Yoga

Another new trend is the yoga studio with live music that helps achieve deeper – uh – deeper something. Here’s an example – try not to fall asleep!

5. Pitaya a.k.a. Dragon Fruit

The popularity of this tasty superfood is spreading like dragon fire! Here’s a video from a company that sells a variety of pitaya-based food products. This video is nicely done, and it’s also full of antioxidants!

6. Bodyweight Training at Home

If you crave a big workout, but don’t have the money or time for the gym – if you’d love to work out at home, but you’re home’s the size of a walk-in closet, there’s the new craze, Kayla Itsines’ Body Weight Training at Home. Kayla uses nothing but the weight of her own body to achieve the ultimate resistance and strength-building workout. All we can say is, we feel sorry for the downstairs neighbors! Watch the video.

7. Fat Water

The wellness set loves this combination of water, XCT oil, B vitamins, fruit extracts and stevia. Fat water allegedly provides quality energy from MCT fat without the high sugar content, though there are skeptics who question its effectiveness – actually, we’re just telling you about it because it’s hot right now. Here’s a recent interview with Fat Water proponent, Dave Asprey – mind you, Dave also advocates putting butter in your coffee, so take what he says with a grain of salt…

8. Boxing

Top models are singing the praises of back-to-basics boxing, so fans are following their lead. Check out this recent segment of supermodel Adriana Lima demonstrating her amazing boxing skills.

9. Freekeh

This whole-grain phenom is high in fiber, good for digestion, slows sugar rise and is an excellent source of “good bugs for your microbiome” (whatever that is…). Check out this delightful new video on how to make a tasty, nutritious salad made with freekeh grain for “Cooking With Kyler”, aided by his daughter.

So there you have it, nine hot trends to possibly help you feel better, and be healthier. Check out the full article at Enjoy! 🙂

Compiled and edited by Clifford S. Yurman

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